Are You There, MSM? It’s Me, A Reality Winner Supporter.

It seems as though we’ve gotten used to waking up every morning and seeing some crazy or off the cuff tweet sent out by the man that is supposed to be the leader of the free world, our country. Each day, there’s a quoted tweet, or five, plastered on the television screen while Joe Scarborogh, Joy Reid or Anderson Cooper talk about what an asinine thing it was for a President of these United States to publicly announce. But has anyone sat back and thought about why this is happening?

Donald Trump knows that his tweets are under a watchful eye. Not only by the millions of people on Twitter, but also by the press that has to have something new to report on every day. And Trump knows this. He knows that if he sends out a tweet saying that transgenders are no longer allowed in the military, that a screen shot of that tweet will be up on his television screen hours later. He knows that if he makes an announcement on raising tariffs and that a trade war is a good thing, his face will be on that same television screen.

Trump is a reality TV star first, and acts as such. He knows how to stay in the spotlight, cause drama, and irk people. No matter how much we want to call him out for being insane or not being mentally fit, he’s smart enough to know that he can control what the main stream media (MSM) will report. He even told a journalist, in a one on one interview at Mar-A-Lago, that the media needed him. That they want him to win reelection in 2020. And they’re taking the bait.

Robert Mueller is hot on the Russian investigation, and things are being reported to be spiraling out of control in the White House. Reports of Trump’s aide, and son-in-law, Jared Kushner’s security clearance being revoked, gave the week of Feb 26, 2018 a jump start in MSM. Hope Hicks’ resignation soon followed, with her telling special counsel that she has told “white lies” for Trump in the past. And then, a final report of Trump announcing higher tariffs on steel & aluminum, and potentially sending us into a trade war, made for some interesting news to be reported.

But how many people know who Reality Winner is? She happens to be pretty important in the Russia investigation. She’s the young Air Force veteran that tried to help warn American citizens of Russia’s hacking into our election support companies while Trump continued his praise of Putin saying they didn’t.

And how many people knew that the same week MSM was reporting all the muck of Kushner’s clearance, Hick’s white lies, and Trump’s tariff announcement, that Winner had attended a pre-trial suppression hearing because she wasn’t read her Miranda Rights? And even still, thinking of all the chaos that this administration hands off to MSM on a silver platter, how many people know that Winner has been denied pre-trial bond, multiple times because of jokes she made with her sister in a private conversation, she had a life savings of $30k, and because of the knowledge she has in her head based on her training in the Air Force and work as an NSA contractor?

There are many a meme that can be found across the reach of the internet portraying Donald Trump as a fool, or an idiot. And while that may be true in the political sense, that he doesn’t know much, if anything, about domestic & foreign policies, law making or what it takes to be an actual leader, he’s not a bumbling moron in every sense. Winner was the first leaker to be arrested under the Trump administration, and he’s jumped out in the lead on this one.

Five months after Winner was arrested for allegedly mailing a copy of a document to an online news outlet, Trump was still telling MSM, on live television, that he’s asked Putin if Russia meddled and that Putin said no. He further explained that he’s asked Putin a few times and that there’s only so many times a person can ask before one has to believe the answer. During this five months time, Winner learned that any private conversation she had with family or friends about disliking Trump would be held against her, that she was being charged under the outdated Espionage Act that was designed to prosecute foreign spies that try to harm the US citizens, that she was facing ten years in prison, and was denied pre-trial bond for the first and second time.

Winner learned that she was, and continues to be, effectively silenced by this administration. Over the course of the past nine months, she has been denied pre-trial bond multiple times through out the appeals process, not allowed to speak to a reporter that was on her visitor list and has her past and present conversations picked through for evidence. Not only that, but with Trump baiting MSM and feeding them what they’re reporting on, the only coverage Winner’s case gets is on smaller, local or independent news networks.

Donald Trump doesn’t want the American people to know about Reality Winner. He doesn’t want us to know that she has helped people her entire life and was not only trained to defend and protect our country from foreign agents, but also has the desire to do so.

Trump doesn’t want us to know that Reality Winner is strong and intelligent, but is also continuing to be dehumanized. He doesn’t want us to know that this patriot isn’t allowed to change out of her orange jumpsuit for her pre-trial hearings, or that her legs stay shackled as she sits in Court Room One in the Augusta Georgia 11th Circuit Federal Court. He doesn’t want us to know that while being transported during her Suppression Hearing, Winner tripped exiting the vehicle, and with her hands and legs shackled she couldn’t catch herself and smashed the side of her face.

Most importantly, Trump doesn’t want us to know that Reality Winner is an American Hero that risked her freedom for us, so that we could know that there is a foreign country waging cyber attacks on our country. He doesn’t want us to know that she was just trying to help her fellow citizens. Maybe, we can do something about it. Maybe, we will get our country back to normal one day. But right now, MSM is letting Trump win. They are allowing Reality Winner’s silence to continue by not reporting.

Are you there, Main Stream Media? It’s me, a Reality Winner supporter.



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